Cedar Point Counseling is no longer offering Pre-Marital counseling. 
Any pre-marriage/relationship counseling is by special arrangement only.
Welcome to the Cedar Point Counseling site.

Cedar Point Counseling is a ministry of Cedar Point Church in Claremore, Oklahoma.

Cedar Point offers free, confidential lay counseling to anyone desiring Scriptural counsel on any of life's issues.

This site is a source of information about when to seek counseling and what you might expect if you do.

For more information about Cedar Point Church, visit our website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why should I try counseling?

Most people could benefit from counseling at some point in their lives. We all go through challenging times and it can be difficult to see our way clearly when we are embroiled in conflict, drama, or emotional pain.

2. What types of problems are addressed at Cedar Point Counseling?

Lay counseling has been successful in helping people overcome many challenges, from divorce to childhood sexual abuse. An added benefit is that lay counseling incorporates God's perspective. Since many emotional and psychological problems have a strong spiritual component, many clients find that their issue is resolved when they learn to incorporate spiritual healing.

3. Won't people think I'm crazy if I go to counseling?

All counseling is confidential and no one needs to know that you are seeking counsel unless you tell them. But more importantly, asking for help with personal issues is a healthy thing to do and when you are in trouble, it is crazy NOT to ask for help. (See Question 1)

4. Is your counselor licensed by the state?

No. Lay counselors do not have to be state licensed when working under the authority of a local church. However, a strong Biblical background, certification through a reputable certifying agency, and continuing education in specialty fields are all important.

Lea Ann McCombs studied at Biola University and Moody Bible Institute before completing her BA in English from Oklahoma State University. She is certified through CounselCare Connection, received additional training through Word of Life Counseling Center, and is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.
She received specialty certification through the AACC in Addiction and Recovery. She is also a certified
Family and Divorce Mediator. 

5. Can a lay counselor prescribe medication?

No. Only medical doctors and psychiatrists may legally prescribe medication. If a lay counselor suspects a client may need medication, that client is referred to his/her personal physician and/or a mental health provider.

6. Won't I feel embarrassed to attend the same church as my counselor?

A lay counselor functions in much the same capacity as a pastoral counselor. All counseling is strictly confidential and your counselor has the training and background to respect everyone, regardless of the issues involved. Your counselor will never acknowledge the counselor/client relationship outside the counseling room without your permission or your choice to make the initial overture. Although you may feel vulnerable seeking counsel from someone you see often in another capacity, keep in mind that there are many others you see every week who are also receiving counsel that you are unaware of, just as they are unaware of you and your issues.

7. Will anyone else ever know about my problems?

Your counselor reserves the right to discuss any issue with the pastor and/or elders as necessary in order to offer you the highest quality care. Your counselor will make every effort to keep issues private, unless you imply that you are planning to harm yourself or someone else. In cases of child/elder abuse or potential suicide, your counselor is legally obligated to report it.

8. How is Scriptural counseling different from other types of therapy?

Cedar Point Counseling uses a method called Faith Therapy which builds on the foundational principle that the God who created us also provides the answers we need to deal with life's difficulties. Although answers are available through faith in Jesus Christ, often roadblocks exist which limit our ability to utilize those solutions. The goal of Faith Therapy is to identify and remove those roadblocks so that all people can realize the full potential for which God created them.

Most psychological or emotional problems have a strong spiritual component. Merely addressing the isolated issue ignores the real source of hope and healing, which is an intimate relationship with a loving Heavenly Father.

9. What if I want to make a donation to Cedar Point Counseling for all the help I received?

Cedar Point Counseling is offered free of charge to members of Cedar Point Church, and others as time allows. In the event that you desire to donate to this ministry, you may make contributions payable to Cedar Point Church and designate them Counseling Ministry. Any funds received will be directed back into the ministry to benefit others.

10. What if I need counseling, but I am not a Christian or a member of Cedar Point?

Cedar Point Counseling does not discriminate on the basis of personal beliefs. This ministry is open first to attenders of Cedar Point Church, due to limited sessions available. But clients come from all walks of life and many denominational backgrounds. Clients come with the understanding that the therapy will be centered around the truth of God's Word and the sufficiency of Christ as the source of hope and emotional health. Your lack of faith in Christ will not disqualify you for counseling, but it will impede your ability to receive all the healing God wants to give you.